Our advantages

The advantages of HMS Co. are based on unique principles of mutually beneficial business:

1. Responsibility

Most of companies tend to avoid or limit their responcibilities in the frame of contract conditions.
It might hapend due to lack of their assurance in own capabilities to deliver services with the quality required. We are signing contracts with client only when we are really sure in our capabilities to provide the high quality deliveries. To prove that value HMS Co. easily undertake risks caused be identification by third parties of significant nonconformities in management system of organizations. This is our key advantage, which highly marked us in the market.

2. Professional

Responsibility to the client requires us to carefully select artists, considering the characteristics of each customer. Competence of our experts recognized by any accredited certification body. We refuse to sign a contract unless you can select from among our performers to the expert. Professional compromise excluded. You can also be assured of confidentiality.

3. Reasonable cost

The reasonable cost of our services is the cornerstone of our approach. Therefore, we excluded all non-core costs, which do not have direct value to customers. Working with us, you pay only a highly professional service to our experts and minimally necessary administrative support.

4. Payment upon receipt of goods

We do not practice an advance. Invoice for such payment only upon execution of each stage (of the visit), on the basis of certificates evidencing satisfaction of the client work performed.

5. Long-term partnership

Our fees to a minimum. We are interested in long-term partnership in the singular way of sustainable development of our business.

6. Mutual advantage

HMS Co. is an entirely new body of its kind, established on the principle of profitability for all parties involved in the provision and consumption of services. Mutual benefit of the parties supports the natural motivation to achieve results, and accountability to each other.