Proposals HMS Co. targeted customers five market segments, the combined characteristic needs.

Standard offer to customers include the package of services designed to meet a number of specific requirements. During the negotiations, we find out your actual expectations, interests, and capabilities, to explore that we prepare a personal offer.


1. Effective management systems that allow:

- systematically manage the production / service delivery
- reach the specified characteristics of safety and quality
- manage reliable suppliers
- minimize risks: environmental, labor, social
- ensure reproducibility and stability of the business processes
- optimize the cost of the company and to achieve business objectives;
- earn the trust and loyalty to the organization by the authorities, insurance, financial and other structures

2. IT support for business processes:

- Select and install the software, adequate to the real needs of the business
- Pick the best equipment on the basis of the organization's needs and sufficient for the stability of the software
- Combine a variety of jobs in the network for the effective management of shared files
- Install the electronic communications (customers, suppliers, banks)
- Develop and maintain a website
- As required to receive prompt advice and those. Help with deregulation and breakdowns, etc.

Certification bodies

1. Qualified subcontractors to work on a flexible schedule:
- auditors
- industry experts
- teachers

2. Information support services certification / training:

- all articles on the market certification
- distribution of electronic / print materials with advertising services to interested customers press releases to the media


Opportunity to work and develop:
- access to jobs in the segment of medium-sized and large organizations
- decent pay
- legal relations
- flexible (for subcontracting / outsourcing)
- increasing competence
- qualification of the leading certification companies
- growth of professional recognition and prestige
- suverinitet balance and belonging to a professional community


Attracting the best experts for the state or sub-contract (Including outsourcing):
- placement of information on vacancies
- preliminary assessment and selection of candidates


Production and placement of information:

- News
- Press Releases
- Advertising Medium
- Target Audience